Welcome to the Plantation Orchid Society

Dear POS and friends,

Thank you Sandi for showing us the different fungus, disease and pest that attack our plants, what to use and how to prevent them.  Consistency is the key to growing and maintaining healthy blooming orchids. 

The Plantation Orchid Auction will be held Tuesday, October 7th 2014 here at Deicke Auditorium.  This is the fundraiser that covers all the costs for the year. Lots of help is needed to make this a successful event.  There will be flyers available so please post one at work church or where ever you can.

Ways to help the Auction:

  1. Post a flyer
  2. Invite everyone you know to the auction
  3. Separate some of your favorite plants to donate to the Auction. 
  4. Volunteer to
    1. pick up plants for auction
    2. setup and break down room the day of auction.
    3. bring plenty of goodies and beverages for our guests
    4. decorating


Members are what make the Plantation Orchid Society so special.  Consider helping out to make this year the most amazing year ever. 

Look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Rose M. Maytin