Tuesday, May 7, 2024, at 7pm

Guest speaker: John Budree

Topic: "Bulbophyllum"

Romnarine John Budree was born in Trinidad and he migrated to Florida some 20 years ago.
Back then he grew many different types of orchids and took part in collecting, growing
and showing at many shows, but there 
was always something more, as you know.
He wanted to 
learn more about orchids, wanted more of a challenge. He wanted to study
and grow and flower them, of course. So 
when he came to Florida, he got involved with
orchids at a different level. Now he was able to grow all of those types of orchids that he
could only read about and even meet all 
of those people that grew and wrote the articles
that he had 
read in AOS magazines. So he started out on his journey/ adventure. He started
to go to many of the orchid shows and what do you do when you 
go to a show – you buy
orchids which you know nothing about, in the hope that you can 
grow or flower it (yea right).
He always liked Bulbophyllums & Paphiopedilums but he 
was told he couldn’t grow them.
This became a challenge to him and he found these 
orchids very interesting as well. He
met some of the biggest and the best of growers in 
the orchid business, Jack Schendowich,
Warren Kelly (Orchid World), Bob Skully (Jones 
& Skully), Mr. Frank Smith (Krull-Smith)
and grow all types of orchids – Paphiopedilum, 
Cattleya, Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, and Oncidium.

At the 19 WOC in Miami in 2008, he was the only hobbyist to do a table top display and
also had an opportunity to work with Frank Smith on the Krull-Smith display and he tried to
absorb as much of Frank Smith’s knowledge as possible.

Because this he started to grow many different types of orchids, Bulbophyllums, of
course, and today he has grown over 2000 of these as well as about 4000 other types of
orchids. Of course, he says, he has also lost count for the ones he killed. In short, he has
been growing Orchids for about 40 years, from flask to flower and has accumulated
about 75 AOS awards.

John will have a nice selection of orchids for sale (Cash Only), and will be supplying the raffle table!! 

The more tickets you buy, the more opportunities you have to win!

You won’t want to miss John’s presentation on Bulbophyllums!

This meeting will be helpful for all levels of experience, so bring your questions!

We look forward to seeing you!!

**Bring a friend to the meeting, everyone is welcome**


 Meeting location:

Plantation Presbyterian Church
901 N.W. 70 Ave.
Plantation, FL. 33317