Hyla Levine of Green Barn Orchid Supply

“Better Blooms with the Right Products”

Our August, 2017 Program “Better Blooms with the Right Products” was Presented by Hyla Levine of Green Barn Orchid Supply Hyla Levine is the co-owner of Green Barn Orchid Supplies, which is located in a charming 60-year-old barn in Delray Beach. Hyla began the business 9 years ago with the idea of providing a local source for orchid supplies as well as a source for people to ask questions and learn more about orchids. 

The program covered all the basics! Hyla also offered a variety of orchid related supplies. We all need growing media. Green Barn stocks Hydroton, hydrorocks, lava rock mixes, coconut, bark and alaphlor, phalaenopsis mixes and more. Pots, like the medium, should be tailored to the plant and watering conditions. Green Barn carries a large selection of pots, from clear pot for photosynthesizing roots, net pots for air circulation and rapid drying to coco husk and clay pots for bulbs like Cattleya. The Green Barn also supplies a variety of insecticides, fertilizers, and supplements, including some hard to get favorites, like Rose Pride and Root Juice root stimulator. 

Hyla had supplies for sale at the meeting, but go to their website and choose the supplies you know you need. Give them a call to place your order and be sure to mention that you will be at the Plantation Orchid Society meeting on August 1st, to pick up your supplies!