Steve Arthur

Steve is a scientist who worked for the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta and with the Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs for thirteen years doing research on animal tissue culture. For eight years, he taught middle school science in a private Catholic school in Augusta. He has two grown daughters.

Steve began growing orchids over thirty years ago. His current greenhouse in Graniteville, SC, where he and his wife now live, covers about 5,000 square feet of growing area. He grows a “mish-mash” of things but tends to focus on Cattleyas and has been making crosses for years. In his greenhouse lab, he also does contract work (such as sowing and harvesting seeds) for other nurseries. Steve is affiliated with Carter & Holmes, frequently selling plants for them at the big Florida shows, and is currently their Lab Manager.

He is also an accredited AOS Judge, and once a month, Steve drives to and from Graniteville to Greensboro to attend judging. If you visit Steve’s business, you enter his greenhouse via a large meeting room where his local orchid society meets and where he conducts classes on growing orchids. This meeting room is also home to sixteen birds— mostly Macaws but also Yellow Winged Parrots and Quaker Parrots. He purchased each of the birds while at orchid shows.

Steve Arthur Orchids, Graniteville, SC