Did you know?

Orchids are not fish.  Be sure that if you have your orchids outside in a place (like Florida) that gets a good share of rain, that they are in a pot with medium that provides good drainage.  Be especially aware if your orchid is out where it receives water from sprinklers as well as rain.

Protect your orchids from the cold.  Vandas are especially sensitive to the cold.  If a cold snap is approaching, it is important to keep the wind off the plants with additional protection on the North and West sides.  Water two days prior.  It is important to keep the plants dry, but water in the area underneath can raise the air temperature a couple of degrees.  Thanks to Dan and Margies' Orchids for the great tip.

Is that a small cat in your window?  Of course the cats that we are talking about are the flowering type, not the type that meows.  Dan Christensen of Dan and Margies' Orchids, tells us that Mini Cats stay small, bloom 2 - 4 times a year and require less light to bloom that large cats so they are ideal as indoor plants!  Thanks again Dan!

Give 'em air!  Air movement from the wind or fans help keep away pests, fungus and high heat.  Also, keep the area clean.  You can use alcohol to kill scale.  Orthene is great for killing pest, but care is required.  For orchids inside your home use a "3 in 1" spray.  Also, orchids grown on trees not only receive nutrients from the trees, but a natural fungicide as well.  A special thanks to Mac's Orchids for this great information.

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