Carol Holdren

Carol Holdren is a long time orchid lover with a history of willing participation in the affairs and activities of orchid societies.

She was Director of Personnel at an independent supermarket chain before moving from Indiana to Florida in 1984. She finished her BS in Business at Florida Atlantic University when she wasn't fishing or boating with her husband John.



 Carol_Holdren-1.JPG    She bought a purple Vanda at a local botanical garden show and the seed was planted. That plant led to several others as well as membership and participation in the local orchid society. As her collection grew she and some of her orchid friends took a class in Orchidology at the University of Florida.

Carol also began attending the West Palm Beach Judging Center and became an accredited judge in 2003. She was  Trustee of the American Orchid Society. She is presently Vice-Chair of the West Palm Beach Judging Center. Carol is also a director of the International Orchid Foundation.

A knowledgeable and astute judge of orchids, Carol spoke about “Ten Orchids You Should Own”, a program that evolved from discussions with orchid professionals and hobbyists.  Feel free to reference our newsletter dated May, 2014, for further details.